How much space do you need? 

We work with all kinds of spaces and have performed in massive hotel balls rooms and marquees hosting 1500 people to tiny spaces in wedding venues, hired restaurant bars, boats and ships on the Thames, pokey nooks in venues everywhere – so we are used to adapting.

However, the more space we have means that we are usually in a position to do a better job - the ideal minimums are:

Our 4 piece band needs a minimum of about 4m wide x 3 metres deep.

Less than 2.5m gets difficult - it will only accommodate the drummer front to back and the band will be in a strict line and find it difficult to communicate, which is important for a smooth flowing show, plus the front people won’t have any space to move out to – so minimal movement on stage will be possible, not great for conveying a sense of energy during a performance.

Our 5, 6 & 7 piece band needs a minimum of about 5m wide x 3 meters deep, ideally a bit deeper/ wider. This will enable good communications between band members during performing and also allow front people to move about enough to convey energy and better engage the audience.

How long do you need to set up? 

As with space requirements, we are used to adapting to quick setups. However, we like to put all the cards in our favour to ensure optimum results for you. Consequently, these are representative setup times:

4 piece: 90 minutes (1.5 hours)

5 piece: 120 minutes (2 hours)

6/ 7 piece: 150 minutes (2.5 hours)

The above timing estimates are based on a reasonable access; in other words, we can drive up to the venue and unload to a room that’s not too far away and with no steps.

If we are walking our equipment 100 metres, then going up a flight of steps or more then timings will be impacted. Also, if parking is difficult, sometimes we have to park quite far from the venue, this is also worth factoring into the day's planning.

Sometimes we are able to at least move equipment to a space in the venue, close to the doors of the setup space so that we can access the room quickly once vacated by guests.

 What is the band power requirement? 

We can run the band using one double socket, normal mains supply, 240/250v 13amp wall sockets.

Ideally however, we like to use two double 13 amp sockets either side of the stage area.

Our peak power consumption would be around 4KW.

The only time we have ever had an issues was in a marquees once when we shared power with the caterers who were still running ovens late in to the night, and together we were drawing too much from the underpowered generator – this is very unusual.

 Do you have PLI & PAT certificates, our venue has asked for them? 

We hold both Public Liability Insurance cover up to £10 million and PAT certification for all of our equipment – this is renewed annually.