If you want a band that really know what they are doing and want a guaranteed fun evening then look no further!

We recognise that client requirements frequently differ in terms of budget, available space, repertoire preferences and more. Milo Max offers several line-up options based on our 4 & 5 piece band formats and representing a plethora of experience and showman-ship.

You can book one of our 4 piece line-ups (with or without female vocals) or you can book one of our larger line-ups, the 5, 6 or 7 piece, which offer slightly different musical flavours and a bigger sound/ experience (see below).

For drinks receptions and other situations where you would like some great live music to set the scene and ambiance rather than be the focus and also for smaller events/ spaces/ budgets, we also offer duo & trio formats.

We perform between 80-100 functions per year across the south of England from Kent to Somerset and up to the midlands, as well as some European shows.

Our 4 piece line-up options

...with female vocals

  • Lead female vocals

  • Guitars & lead male vocals

  • Bass guitar & vocals

  • Drums & vocals

...all male vocals/ two harmony instruments

  • Lead male vocals & guitar

  • Guitars & lead male vocals

  • Bass guitar & vocals

  • Drums & vocals

Our 5 piece line-up: + Keyboards

A very popular option, opening up the repertoire to greater extent and offering more musical colour, is to choose our 5 piece line-up with one of our talented keyboard players. Keyboards offer a plethora of sounds including: piano, organs, strings, synths and brass. 

Our 6 & 7 piece line-ups

For extra wow factor, our clients go for our 6 piece or 7 piece. 

You can opt for the 6 piece with either sax player or 2nd guitarist/ lead vocals. 

Or if you have the budget and venue space, then our 7 piece adds our saxophonist and 2nd guitarist/ lead vocalist meaning that you are ticking all the main musical boxes and enables us the maximum flexibility to create your ultimate live band sound. 

Our 6 piece line-up: + Saxophones & additional vocal

Saxophone, is a special instrument, great for motown, soul, jazz & pop. It could be used as a solo instrument and also to had a layer of harmony and accentuating the rhythm of a song with funky stabs & riffs. Saxophone adds variety to the band sound - our sax players also sing, which helps for the more rocky part of a set list and adding to the value of including this additional band member. 

Our 7 piece line-up: + 2nd Guitarist & lead male vocalist

Adding our 2nd guitarist and front man vocalist means that firstly you are truly covered in regards to male vocals, and maximum repertoire choice, but also with two guitars you can authentically re-create far more songs. With 2 guitars & keyboards you will enjoy a massive sound (depth & colour rather than volume). Adding a 2nd guitarist gives you a lot more diversity and arguably is much more useful than adding saxophone, especially so with the front male/lead vocal combo. If you love rock then a 2 guitar format is ideal - you could book our 4 piece with 2 male vocals/ guitars, or our 5 piece by adding female vocals, or opt for this 6 piece option to include 2 male lead vocals & guitarists, female vocals, keyboards, bass & drums. 


Acoustic Duo Options

We often provide our acoustic duo service for drinks receptions at weddings and other pre-dinner situation (e.g. at corporate events). It's a great choice for creating a warm convivial ambiance where guests can listen and talk to each other with the band playing at a more discreet and complementary volume. Our duo typically precedes us playing as a full band for the main evening entertainment but can also be booked on a stand alone basis. 

Are duo options are based on the evening line-up so would be either:

  • female vocals + acoustic guitar & male vocals

  • male vocals (x2) + acoustic guitars (x2)

Acoustic Duo, Alex Mellusco Wedding, June 2019


The Professional Team

All professional level bands have a degree of interchangeability in their team as well as additional & backup band members; this is absolutely crucial in providing a seamless & guaranteed service, the best talent and also provides the ability to offer our clients larger line-ups for extra wow factor on top of the core band.

Milo Max band leaders & key client contact at your event


Please don't make the mistake of hiring an amateur or part time band for your event, especially if it's your wedding - these bands have little or no ability to cater for changes in their line-up, which is a 'must' for any reliable and reputable band. You really want a band that has some interchangeability - this stimulates the creative and performing juices of good musicians and also incorporates resilience into your band's operation.

As an established band with a full diary of shows each year, our band members are a close knit team, perform to a show spec, and performing regularly together (unlike amateur bands) this assures you the highest quality. This important capability guarantees you peace of mind that you are hiring an established team of professional musicians and singers that have been performing with each other for years in a variety of different formats.