The core of Milo Max comprises 4 very experienced singers & musicians, representing a plethora of experience and showman-ship.

You can book the 4 piece or you can book our larger line-ups, the 5 or 6 piece, which offer slightly different musical flavours (see below).

For drinks receptions and smaller events/ spaces/ budgets we can also offer a duo & trio format.

We perform between 80-100 functions per year across the south of England from Kent to Somerset and up to the midlands, but can travel all over the UK and abroad...

If you want a band that really know what they are doing and want a guaranteed fun evening then look no further!

The Core Four - our 4 piece line-up

The 4 piece line-up suits for many functions, covering a host of musical styles & eras

The 4 piece line-up includes all male vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, drums & bass guitar for a great classic band format.

+ Female Vocals - our 5 piece line-up

Very popular for many clients, opening up the repertoire to full extent and offering more musical colour is to choose our 5 piece line-up, including one of our world-class female vocalists:


Our 5 piece line-up has a different flavour as in addition to the female vocalist, we often run the line-up with one guitarist & keyboards instead of a 2nd guitarist, i.e. instead of Ross/ Robert, multi-instrumentalist & front man Steve typically performs instead - see additional players below.

+ Saxophone & Flute - our 6 piece line-up

For extra wow! factor and if you have the budget & venue space folks go for our 6 piece, adding saxophone, flute & another strong vocal.


Additional Players

All professional level bands have additional & backup band members, which is firstly absolutely crucial in providing a seamless & guaranteed service and secondly provides the ability to offer our clients large line-ups for extra wow factor on top of the core band.


Please don't make the mistake of hiring an amateur or part time band for your event, especially if it's your wedding - these bands have little or no ability to cater for changes in their line-up, which is a 'must' for any reliable and reputable band. You really want a band that has some interchangeability - this stimulates the creative and performing juices of good musicians and also incorporates resilience into your band's operation.

As an established band, our additional players have at the least performed on numerous Milo Max engagements, or have been full time Milo Max musicians in the past, and some members of our band have experience playing together that actually pre-dates Milo Max (more than 11 years). This important capability guarantees you peace of mind that you are hiring an established team of professional musicians and singers that have been performing with each other for years in a variety of different formats.