Who on earth are Milo Max?

Milo Max is a full-time, professional wedding & function band covering Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire & beyond; we thrive on creating an energetic and fun experience for wedding couples and their guests.on creating an energetic and fun experience for wedding couples and their guests.

For the last 11 years we have performed over 1400 events, showing our clients a good time and leaving them with funky memories, from wedding to birthdays & corporate events, with the occasional celebrity engagement. We hope we have the opportunity to do that for you too!




Here is a summary of what you can expect from Milo Max:

  • 2 hours of crowd pleasing, floor-filling live music!
  • Highly professional singers & musicians!
  • Professional sound system!
  • Professional lighting rig!
  • DJ options available to suit!
  • Great client care from enquiry through your wedding day!
  • Public liability insurance for your peace of mind!

Why risk your wedding day and your enjoyment of your reception entertainment by booking anything less than one of the best & most experienced wedding band services on offer in Gloucestershire today?

You and your guests will be extremely happy that you have booked a quality wedding band out of the many on offer - why not contact us for a no-obligation chat over email or phone for advice and guidance regarding your music plans, timings, venue logistics? Find out how we will look after you and give you a live music experience to perfectly complete your big day!

Ross - Guitar, Vocals - Wedding Band Gloucestershire

wedding band Gloucestershire | Milo Max
These guys approach is perfect..
— Simon & Victoria Killen, Cripps Stone Barn, Upper Windrush, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

"Milo Max were faultless"

Milo Max were faultless. We absolutely loved all the band members. Smartly dressed, polite and a great joy to have at our wedding. If you’re looking for a band then don't look any further. Ross has been an absolute dream and he should be very proud of his band.

Milo Max listened to what we wanted, they asked us what we liked and made two sets which everyone danced to. Nobody sat down at our wedding. This is the band you must have for any event. They even accommodated for the Indian music for some of our family.

We truly are grateful for you being so prompt and professional. Yes we want Milo Max to go global ASAP :-] Can you please make sure you’re around in about 10yrs time, as we would like you to play on our anniversary bash! X

Jonathan & Neeta Stephens
The Matara Centre, Kingscote Park, Kingscote, Gloucestershire

What makes the best wedding band?

We know from speaking to clients that it can be a bit daunting knowing what to look for so we hope you find the following information helpful in making your decision.

Here are some of our Gloucestershire wedding band testimonials and also our take on the characteristics of a great wedding band - this is what you will get if you hire Milo Max!

A Fun but Professional band

We are professionals, music is what we do full time. This means that we provide a high quality of service. This comes from several things:

  • High standard of musicianship
  • An extensive and proven repertoire
  • Great production (sound & lights)
  • Performing skill – ability to engage an audience!
  • Great client care

High standard of musicianship

Milo Max musicians are all experienced professionals. That means we all play to a high standard and have a track record to prove it (see the About Us page).

It means we can play the same thing in different ways, it means we can play at different volumes; it means we are excellent at delivering high quality live performances for varying client event requirements, it means we are expert at making sure you have a great evening, even if we change what we planned to do on the night inorder to tailor better to the evening!

With Milo Max you will be entertained by musicians and singers that have performed with and to people like Elton John, Elvis Costello, Paul Weller, Geri Halliwell, George Michael, Kylie Minogue & Take That.


We know a lot of songs!

It comes from being wedding musicians Gloucestershire full time. We are versatile and adaptable, we can change the vibe of the evening on request; we make sure this is absolutely your evening!

Song choice is tried & tested

We use a well proven play-list of crowd pleasing songs. A wedding covers band may know the right songs to play, but success of a playlist is also very much about the order you play them in and at what stage in an evening you play a certain type of song (a bit like a recipe).

We will consult with you when preparing the playlist for your wedding! (See our songs menu to get an idea).

...several people have admitted that they would not normally get up for a dance, but were unable to help themselves!! ...
— Sally & Richard, The Matara Centre, Kingscote Park, Kingscote, Gloucestershire


Pro sound system

A top wedding band is only as good as their sound system. Milo Max uses a high end Yamaha, Mackie & FBT sound equipment and can accomodate up to around 350 people. For larger audiences we hire in PA appropriate for the size of the event. A common mistake people make is that they think that any PA will do the job.

Often either a poor quality system compromises the band and the event or the system is just not powerful enough to cope with the size of the event.
When you pay a bit more for a band typically you get higher end production and a superior show!

“Let there be light !!”

We are equiped with a professional dynamic lighting rig. This means that we can change the mood of the stage and dance floor area, from more static ambient lights to sound chasers that pulse with the bands pumping beat adding to the excitement on the dance floor!

Audience engagement

How well a band engages your audience often separates the professional from the amateurs.

A performance is about playing the tunes and providing a specific ambience.

For the main wedding entertainment your band should be putting on a show. It should be about engaging the audience: high energy performing and talking to and getting the audience involved. Quite simply you can not be the best wedding band if you don't score well in this area.

Great Client care

We understand that our clients want to have a great show but also want the whole process to be as stress free as possible.

Working with Milo Max means that we provide advice and ask you appropriate questions to ensure that your wedding entertainment is smooth and slick in regards to our contribution and how we fit in.

wedding band Gloucestershire - Ross band leader

Top Tip #1

One factor in band pricing is the experience of the band members. Typically, the higher the price is then the better the experience of the band members.

So you may pay more for a 4 piece band compared to a 7 piece based on the more experienced CVs of the smaller band.

A great solo performer can mesmerise a room and a bad 8 piece band can empty a room! Contact Us and we can give you specialist advice on which Milo Max option is best for you.

Top Tip #2

We know that often clients want the lowest price; but a good band means a package of things have to be there and it’s worth balancing theses factors with price and your budget.

It’s not just about the band’s ability to play music.

It’s whether the band organisers look after you on the lead up to the event and the logistics through the day, it’s whether their production is of sound quality (excuse the pun!), it’s about the depth of experience that enables a band to be flexible and tailor an evening of entertainment, and importantly successfully engage the audience!

Top Tip #3

In many ways the value you get for your money comes from the production side of things: Sound & lights. It is not enough to compare a bands price based on how many people are in the band.

Some famous folk we have performed for

Your band have some awesome experience, and band members have entertained:

"These guys approach is perfect.."

We were really impressed when we heard Milo Max at a friend’s wedding. These guys approach is perfect- professional and personal! Fantastic communication, very swift responses, even when gigging- always made an effort to respond as soon as possible. Very proactive too in suggesting how to ensure fun was had by all. The overall experience from the live drinks reception music to the main sets was just great!

Simon & Victoria Killen
Cripps Stone Barn, Upper Windrush, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

..The mood of the whole evening was enhanced by how good and how friendly Milo Max were as a band..
— Ben & Pippa, Manor on the Lake, Hatherley Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

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